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Chocolate Tahitian Pearls

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Chocolate Tahitian Pearl Jewelry

Chocolate Tahitian pearls add warmth to both traditional and modern jewelry styles. Their exotic sheen is a beautiful choice for women interested in adding an interesting alternative to traditional pearls while still enjoying an overall elegant effect. Tahitian chocolate pearls contrast well with both white and yellow gold, as well as with diamonds. Rose gold is also a popular option to set off the rich tones, while its shine showcases the pearls' soft glow. As a result of their flexibility, chocolate Tahitian pearls can be used to make both simple and elaborate pieces of jewelry, which can be worn to the office, while running errands, out to dinner with friends, at a black tie affair and at every occasion in between. Their unique color makes them endlessly neutral.

Earrings set with chocolate pearls often feature interesting settings, such as rose or yellow gold that has been shaped to look like leaves, flowers or other natural elements. The glamorous glow from the chocolate Tahitian pearls makes earrings of any size into showpieces for the women wearing them. These earrings are perfect for work or cocktail parties. Diamonds are often added to these earrings, since their icy white beauty contrasts well with the liquid opalescent sheen that the Tahitian chocolate pearls are known for.

Women interested in statement jewelry pieces, which will make even the simplest outfit into a stunning attention getter, should check out the pendants featuring clusters of magnificent chocolate Tahitian pearls. Whether they are set in unique rose gold or in a more traditional yellow gold or white gold setting, these chocolate Tahitian pearls are sure to draw attention wherever you go. Chocolate pearl jewelry may also feature intricate metalwork beyond a basic setting. Whether it is an abstract shape, a fun palm leaf inspired by the chocolate Tahitian pearls' native islands or another unique setting, these pendants are cohesive pieces of wearable art. Often, their magnificent elegance is set off by beautiful diamonds. Whether they are baguettes, studs or another cut, the diamonds' sparkle adds to the Tahitian chocolate pearls' legendary luminescence, rather than detracting from it. A piece made with chocolate Tahitian pearls is infinitely wearable, making it easy to put on with any color outfit, style of shirt or dress and wear without ever getting tired of it. After all, who would ever get tired of being stylish and elegant?