Akoya Pearl Jewelry Collection

White and lustrous, with just a hint of creamy pink blush, Akoya Pearls are among the most flattering gems in the world.  Consistently round, the wonderfully smooth surface of Akoya pearls reflects the silken sheen of moonlight on water, always elegant and forever glamorous.

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The Akoya Pearl, with its natural high luster, is reknowned as the classic pearl. It is generally white or cream colored with overtones of rose and silver. Because the Akoya saltwater oyster is the smallest pearl-producing oyster in the world, this particular pearl comes in a wide range of sizes starting from about two millimeters. On a rare occasion, however, Akoya Pearls can even be found to reach up to 11 millimeters in size.

Akoya Pearls make beautiful and exquisite jewelry. They can complement both formal and business attire, and are often a popular choice for bridal gifts.

Perfectly matched Akoya Pearls are classically strung on high quality silk thread to create coveted bracelets and strands, each pearl individually knotted by hand for security and durability. A variety of exquisite earrings have also been designed and created to appeal to anyone's taste. And whether featured on its own or combined with sparkling diamonds or colored gemstones, the Akoya Pearl makes a gorgeous ring.

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