Our 2017 Black Pearl Friday Door Buster has come and gone.
Mahalo for making this such a success.  Please come back next year and see our newest door buster.  Meanwhile, here are some Tahitian Black Pearl Pendants you may be interested in.

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Maui Divers Tahitian Black Pearls are magnificent examples of some of nature's finest work. These luminous pearls originate in the oysters that live deep in the warm, tropical blue waters that surround the exotic islands of Tahiti. They range in color from an inky blue-black color to a more mellow shade of dove gray, with every variation in between. Each pearl is a unique specimen from the ocean's depths, making it an iridescent piece of art. Because these gems offer such variations in natural colors, what is shown in each photo is just one example of an extensive range of Tahitian Black Pearl colors available.

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