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Freshwater Pearl

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry Collection

Produced in shallow freshwaters rather than deep-sea, Freshwater Pearls were first cultured in China as early as 1300. Caesar valued them as gold, and is said to have launched his invasion of England to supply his court with such pearls. Today, Maui Divers Jewelry offers Freshwater Pearls in an abundant array of colors and styles that allows you to select your own personal piece of paradise.

Freshwater pearls have been gaining in popularity over the last twenty years. Due to the high standards in processing, the result is a much higher quality pearl.

There are many sizes of freshwater cultured pearls, ranging from 1mm all the way up to 18mm, however the average usually runs from 4mm to 11mm. In addition to the varying sizes, there are also many different naturally occurring colors of Freshwater Pearls to be found. The most common are cream or white, with pinkish or silvery overtones. They also come in peach, blue, blackish or bronze tones.

Freshwater Pearls work particularly well in strands, as the effect of many small sized pearls strung together is quite stunning. These necklaces can contain pearls of the same color or pearls displaying a variety of colors to make the strand more eye catching. Likewise, with earrings, rings and pendants, they are designed and created so that the Freshwater Pearls stand out, whether featured on their own, or in a graduated combination of sizes.

Maui Divers provides exquisite freshwater cultured pearl jewelry in a wide range of elegant styles and types that appeal to everyone. Contact us today by calling 1-800-253-6016 or by visiting our Contact Us page

Freshwater Pearl $100-$200 Jewelry