Living Heirloom® 

The Living Heirloom® Collection brings Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry to life. Uncurling hāpu'u fern tips and vines of royal maile, wrapped intimately as one, embodying love, honor, respect and new beginnings.

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Hawaii, with its temperate climate, exquisite beaches, and wondrous landscape has become one of the world's premier travel destinations. It's not surprising that upon visiting, travelers wish to take home a souvenir that represents the magic of the islands. Owning a piece of beautiful hand-crafted coral jewelry or a selection of Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry is the perfect way to take home a little of the culture and tradition of the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry originated in the late 1800's when Queen Victoria of England presented Queen Kapi'olani and Princess Lili'uokalani with a gift of gold bracelets with black enamel engraving. The Hawaiian Queen and Princess were so inspired by Queen Victoria's gift, that they had similar jewelry designed to reflect their own rich Hawaiian heritage. Thus, over 125 years ago, the tradition of Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry was born and continues today as a treasured collectible and a symbol of Hawaiian culture and tradition.

Maui Divers Jewelry offers a wide variety of custom-designed coral and traditional Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry in 14KT gold. Coral creations are offered in black coral as well as gold and rare deep-water pink and red corals. These designs often feature pearls and other precious gemstones. Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry is available with conventional island inspired engravings or can be customized with contemporary personal messages. All pieces are created with precise care and attention to detail. Each individually crafted piece is guaranteed for a lifetime.