Hawaii’s flower of “welcome” is always in bloom in an array of colors as diverse and beautiful as the people. Its abundance makes it perfect for the fragrant leis with which visitors are greeted upon their arrival. Select your Plumeria Jewelry in white, yellow or rose gold, in a soft matte finish or gleaming polish.

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The extensive line of elegant golden Plumerias from Maui Divers Jewelry is inspired by these exotic tropical flowers of Hawaii found blooming on every island. Each stunning piece in this collection not only evokes thoughts of the unique fragrance of these beautiful blossoms, but also everlasting memories of Paradise.

Available in yellow, rose or white gold, our Plumeria Collection invites you to commemorate the special moments and events in your life with unparalleled beauty and quality. To celebrate a first visit to the islands, choose a delicately woven lei of Hawaii’s symbol of “welcome” in the form of a glittering, golden bracelet. To express your affection for someone particularly special in your life, select from an extensive variety of gorgeous rings, pendants or earrings, each uniquely showcasing distinctive plumerias, often accented by glittering diamonds.

Choose from hundreds of exquisite pieces, all finished with a glimmering polish, a subtle matte surface or a combination of both, and expertly crafted to suit the personal style of absolutely anyone. From the most delicate of gold and diamond earrings to the bolder statement of a tri-colored pendant, each item in the line speaks to the elegance, style and beauty of the person who wears it. Every artfully designed piece features the gentle, swirling layering of the plumeria’s soft petals and the beautiful simplicity for which the flower is so well known. Allow this tropical flower from the fragrant gardens of Hawaii to help you express your individuality and innate elegance.

At Maui Divers Jewelry, our passion for our unique creations is supported by our intense love for Hawaii, its beauty and its culture. Our designers and craftsmen are dedicated to carrying on a longstanding tradition of quality and beauty, a tradition that is evident in all of our jewelry. When you wear any one of our beautiful Plumeria pieces, you carry with you the spirit of the islands everywhere you go.