Golden Pearl Jewelry Collection

Naturally colored by its formation in the gold-lipped oyster, the South Sea Golden Pearl is said to bring wealth to the wearer. Perhaps this is true, as we know for a certainty that South Sea Pearls' rich golden beauty brings incredible joy. Choose Maui Divers Jewelry’s “sunshine pearl” to recall basking on sun-drenched golden beaches wherever you are.

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If you are searching for a pearl treasure that epitomizes luxury, look no further than Maui Divers Jewelry’s sophisticated collection of exclusive South Sea Golden Pearls.

Maui Divers has been creating illustrious pearl jewelry since 1959. Over the decades, they have earned a reputation for creating stunning, high quality pieces of jewelry that showcase the beauty and splendor of all varieties of pearls.

What distinguishes a South Sea Golden Pearl from all its other pearl counterparts is its distinct coloration. Unlike a pure white pearl, a golden pearl exhibits a remarkable sparkling champagne tone. The effect of a golden pearl is a richer, more intricately dazzling appearance. These positively posh pearls are coveted throughout the world for their unique appearance.

Just like traditional white pearls, South Sea Golden Pearls can be showcased in all types of jewelry. They are also versatile enough to be the centerpiece of an unending variety of setting designs. The end result is a luxurious piece of jewelry that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Maui Divers expertly sets these pearls in a variety of ways for a truly versatile assortment of jewelry pieces that appeal to everyone. From classic strands to contemporary earrings and unique, jaw dropping rings and bracelets, there is bound to be a style that appeals to your taste.

Whether you are searching for the perfect gift, or simply spoiling yourself, South Sea Golden Pearls are the best way to get your hands on unparalleled beauty and luxury. And you don't have to travel the seven seas to find the most beautiful pearls in the world. Simply count on Maui Divers Island Pearls….their fine jewelry experts at here to provide you with everything you dream of and more!