White Pearl Jewelry Collection

For millennia, white pearls have represented honesty, purity, and fidelity. Queen Elizabeth I wore them in long ropes around her neck, and had them embroidered by the thousands into her dresses. As flattering as moonlight over a dark ocean, versatile South Sea White Pearls give you a taste of royal status.

South Sea White Pearls are among the most sought-after organic gemstones Maui Divers Jewelry offers in a variety of unique designs. Creamy white in color, these pearls from the South Seas display a natural iridescence on its lustrous surface that best resembles reflections of moonlit seas on warm tropical nights.

Symbolizing loyalty, purity and honesty, South Sea White Pearls have long been a favorite of royalty, with queens and princesses throughout history stringing these exotic gems to wear in jeweled strands around the neck or to adorn dresses and gowns for a unique and bedazzled fashion statement.

This pearl variety is most prized for its large size, which normally starts at 9mm and can go as large as 19mm. The largest South Sea White Pearl ever found measured 24mm. Produced by saltwater mollusks known as silver-lipped oysters, South Sea White Pearls can take up to 2 years to cultivate. They are harvested from the depths of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, around Northern Australia and the Philippines, as well as Myanmar and Indonesia.

These highly lustrous pearls make a beautiful marriage with white diamonds and other gemstones, framed in all colors of gold.

No jewelry collection is complete without at least one piece featuring South Sea White Pearls. They make the perfect memorable gift for any occasion and no matter what style is selected, it is destined to become an heirloom to hand down from one generation to the next.

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