Hawaiian Inspirations in Gold

Gleaming gold has a long history as a favorite adornment in Hawaii.  The ideal complement to a deep Island tan, gold jewelry was favored over 100 years ago by the royal family of Hawaii. It was Queen Lili’uokalani herself who began the tradition of Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry, enameled with names and phrases dear to the heart.

Over the years, the glitter of gold has become synonymous with Hawaii’s enviable golden sunshine.  Captured in gold, the abundant gifts of nature that play such a great part in Island lives and values, become cherished treasures to carry with you always.

The renowned spirit of our Islands is embodied in our signature Aloha Heart, with a hidden message of love found within its shadow….while slippers stand for the relaxed, friendly soul of Hawaii.

Plumeria, pineapples and other florals which thrive on our rich, green fertile lands, are offered as everlasting keepsakes. 

Hawaii’s glorious Sea Life (Turtles)—the graceful dolphin, powerful whale, wise honu (turtle), dramatic tropical fish—are all rendered in precious gold as lasting symbols of our living seas.

It is through our collection of carefully and lovingly crafted golden designs that Maui Divers Jewelry is able to enjoy sharing these gifts of Paradise with all who visit us.  We hope you will cherish this golden abundance, and share it with those you love.

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