Pick A Pearl

Maui Divers Jewelry presents Hawaii’s most popular way to create your own custom pearl jewelry online!

Three girls choosing oysters

In our Pick A Pearl stores, the excitement starts when you select an oyster from an assortment presented to you. Anticipation builds during the ritual Aloha blessing of the chosen oyster. Then, the magical moment: a luminescent jewel emerges when the oyster is opened before you.

Forceps placing a pearl in a gold setting

Creamy white… soft pink… dark charcoal… whichever color, your pearl is truly special and deserves to be showcased in a mounting that is perfect for you. Choose from Maui Divers Jewelry’s exquisite styles in all colors of golden splendor.

Closeup of hand modeling pearl jewelry

Enjoy your custom jewelry, and start your own collection of Memories That Last A Lifetime.

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    Select either white/cream, pink/peach, or blackish pearl from the left and get started now!

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