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Hawaiian Jewelry

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Hawaiian Jewelry

Nature themed jewelry always stays in style regardless of passing trends and the pieces at Maui Divers are of the finest quality. Every piece comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Our Hawaiian jewelry has some beautiful recurring themes:

Nothing says Hawaiian summer quite like the delicate petals of the Plumeria flower. The Plumeria flower Hawaiian Jewelry at Maui Divers looks just like a real Plumeria specimen that has been preserved in gold, that's how detailed it is. The different varieties of gold really add a nice dimension to the offerings; the rose gold looks the most like a flower while the white gold resembles a flower captured in ice. Plumeria adorns all types of jewelry including bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces.

Turtle jewelry is made with black coral giving it a touch of authentic Hawaiian nature. The shell of the turtle features intricate carving and this attention to detail really makes these pieces one of a kind. The turtles have been made into several types of jewelry including earrings and pendants.

Palm Tree
Few images are so strongly associated with tropical culture as the palm tree. Gold and diamonds are worked together to create a beautiful palm tree design.

This sweet golden flip flop is made classy and elegant with the addition of diamonds; the rich creamy gold and the vibrant flash of diamonds make this design a real show stopper.

For Hawaiian jewelry no one compares to Maui Divers Jewelry.