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Akoya Pearls

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Akoya Pearl Jewelry

The Akoya Pearl is renowned for its luster, and is considered a classic pearl. The pearl is generally white or cream colored with overtones of rose and silver. Because the Akoya oyster is the smallest pearl-producing oyster in the world, this particular pearl ranges in different sizes from about two to eleven millimeters. Depending on the size of the Akoya Pearl, determines how much definition you will see when designing a specific piece of jewelry.

Akoya Pearls make beautiful and exquisite jewelry. They can be used to finish a formal or business casual look, to even being perfect for bridal gifts. Akoya Pearls are definitely the best choice pearl because of its definition and quality.

For those who love bracelets and necklaces, they are beautifully and neatly strung with Akoya saltwater pearls and are perfectly matched with Akoya saltwater earrings. Strung on high quality silk thread, they are individually hand knotted for beauty and durability. You can also combine the Akoya pearl with different color sapphire to make a gorgeous ring. Maui Divers offers a wide variety of Akoya Pearl Jewelry.

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