“I  need help with jewelry I purchased in a Maui Divers Jewelry store; who should I contact about this?”

 We have wonderful, dedicated people in our Customer Service Department who will be happy to answer any questions and assist you with purchases made in any of our stores here in Hawaii or on the mainland.

Please contact Customer Service at:

Toll-free 800-462-4454 (in the U.S.) or   customerservice@mauidivers.com.


“Are the prices for items featured on your web site the same as in your Maui Divers Jewelry stores?”

Absolutely, all prices are the same in all of our stores in Hawaii, the U.S. mainland, and our web site.  We take pride in providing the same excellent service, as well, whether you are in our stores at Whaler’s Village, Maui, Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, CA or online at www.mauidivers.com


“How soon will I get my online or Personal Shopper order?”

We take pride in providing the best service, all the way through delivery.  Most orders are processed, shipped and delivered within three-five business days (not including weekends) on the mainland U.S.  If the item you ordered is not immediately available, Personal Shopper will contact you to let you know when your order is expected to be shipped. 


“I saw an item that I loved in one of your stores, but I can’t find it on the Maui Divers Jewelry web site; how can I order it?”

We feature the most popular styles and make sure you don’t miss out on new designs introduced in our stores.  If there is something specific that you are looking for that you are having difficulty locating on our web site, please contact:

Personal Shopper:

Toll-free 800-253-6016 (in the U.S.) or Personalshopper@mauidivers.com     


“How do I clean and care for my jewelry from Maui Divers?”

Precious Corals, Pearls and Opals are elegant gemstones to be cherished and worn with tender loving care.  Always remember to remove any jewelry containing these stones before doing household and gardening work.  To clean, use a soft cloth to carefully wipe these precious gems.  Prevent exposure to soaps, heat, cosmetics, chemicals and sprays of any kind, including ultra sound cleaners.  With appropriate care, you will be able to enjoy wearing your exquisite jewelry for a lifetime.


“Where should I send my Maui Divers jewelry back for repair?”

We are happy to provide excellent repair service of all purchases.  To make it as efficient as possible, we have two departments that handle this service, depending on where you purchased your jewelry:


For All Store Purchases, please return to:



Attn:  Customer Service

1520 Liona Street

Honolulu, Hawaii  96814

Toll-free 800-462-4454


For All Online & Personal Shopper Orders:



Attn:  Web Department

1520 Liona Street

Honolulu, Hawaii  96814


Please package your jewelry securely, return it any way you choose, but we do recommend that you insure it.  Also include a copy of your sales receipt or invoice with a note indicating the repair requested, the address to which you would like your jewelry returned, and how we may best contact you should it be necessary.  If there are any charges associated with your repair, you will be contacted before any work is done.  Completion time of repairs will vary depending on the extent of repair necessary.


“Do you ship outside the United States?”

We are now able to process online orders from select countries outside the U.S. However, we are also happy to continue providing personal assistance to our international customers.   Please contact :


with your shipping address for an estimate.  Please note that in addition to the cost of shipping, any customs duties/fees/taxes will also be your responsibility.