Maui Divers Jewelry Creates Custom Jewelry for Hawaiʻi GRAMMY Nominee Natalie Ai Kamauʻu

Natalie Ai Kamau'u GRAMMYs Jewelry - Tiara
We're excited to share our latest GRAMMY collaboration! As artists, we love celebrating local Hawaiian artists. This year we had the pleasure of designing a unique collection for Hawai'i GRAMMY nominee Natalie Ai Kamauʻu for Best Regional Roots Album.
Natalie Ai Kamauʻu Wearing Her GRAMMYs Red Carpet Jewelry
About Natalie Ai Kamau'u
Former "Miss Aloha Hula," Natalie is a previous GRAMMY nominee and is a five-time recipient of the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards "Female Vocalist of the Year. She is a powerhouse vocalist known for Traditional Hawaiian music while delivering Modern flair.

The one-of-a-kind Living Heirloom Collection, designed for Natalie's GRAMMY red carpet look, incorporates maile leaves inspired by her son Chaz's gown.
Sketches of Natalie Ai Kamauʻu's GRAMMYs Jewelry
Maile leaves in the delicate butterflyʻs scrollwork symbolize her legacy "in both hula and music." At the same time, the inclusion of the hapuʻu fern reminds her that wherever she sings Hawaiian music, she is home in Hawaiʻi.

Natalie tells us, "We all know the butterfly symbolizes growth and learning how to spread our wings. And learning how to fly and then taking flight. Isnʻt that what the GRAMMYs are about?"
Creation of Natalie Ai Kamauʻu's GRAMMYs Jewelry
Typically, a collection of this caliber would take weeks to months to create. Still, our team dedicated our time to creating these pieces in 2 just weeks. From sketches to final designs, our team poured their heart and created every piece with Aloha in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. It's the first time Maui Divers Jewelry has made a tiara as part of a signature GRAMMY collection. We were honored to create it for such an inspirational person like Natalie.
Natalie Ai Kamau'u GRAMMYs Jewelry - Earrings, Necklace and Ring
Mahalo from Natalie Ai Kamauʻu
"I cannot even find the words to express my gratitude because sitting in the meeting and just seeing drawings was one thing, but seeing the pieces literally come to life, and again, the care, the concern.
It is Aloha that's in each piece, and I could never dreamed this because I could have never dreamed this. This is so amazing, and it's such a great honor. This whole ensemble is everything, and it's making my GRAMMY dreams come true."


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