Vibrant green peridot is the gift of the powerful, capricious Madame Pele, known as the Goddess of the Volcano and “she who shapes the sacred land.” Hawaiian people believed that the volcanic peridot gemstone possessed powerful magic that could protect the wearer from evil spirits and danger. Today, Maui Divers Jewelry designers use the brilliant green color to represent growth, wealth, and health.

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Vibrant green peridot is the celebrated August birthstone. The brightness of this gemstone makes it a perfect choice to be worn not only during the summer months, but throughout the year.

Peridot gems have a rich history dating back many centuries. It was discovered some 3500 years ago on a volcanic island off the coast of Egypt. In medieval times, peridot was often used to decorate churches, and was transported to Europe by crusaders. Over the many years since, peridot has gained so much in popularity that jewelry adorned with this gemstone is in high demand worldwide.

Created by volcanoes, peridot is treasured in Hawaii, where live volcanoes still exist to this day. Ancient Hawaiians worshipped Pele, the Goddess of the volcano. They referred to peridot gems as Pele’s Tears because volcanic eruptions have caused the sands of Hawaii to be filled with these tiny, glittering stones. Thought to possess powerful magic, peridot gemstones are believed to not only bring good luck, happiness and strength to the wearer, but also drive away evil spirits.

Esthetically, the vibrant color of peridot compliments various types of gold. Its rich green coloration is enhanced by the calming effect of white gold. When combined with diamonds in a simple white gold setting, an eye-catching, yet elegant effect is created. The warm quality of the peridot is always enhanced by yellow gold. And the latest pairing of peridot with soft rose gold creates a luscious contemporary statement.

Maui Divers Jewelry is pleased to offer a diverse collection of peridot jewelry that is sure to appeal to all tastes. Presented as a gift or purchased as a treat for yourself, each is guaranteed to be treasured forever.

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