Men’s Guide to Panic Buying

  • Do you often feel lost searching for a gift that declares how much you love her?
  • Did your recent purchase strike out?
  • Are you out of gift ideas for your next celebration?

If you answered yes to any of these, it’s okay, you’ve come to the right place. The pressure of impressing her on her birthday, your anniversary, or a holiday can lead to impulsive purchases. But don’t worry, with this list you can say goodbye to panic buying and hello to sweeping her off her feet.

If you are buying her jewelry for the first time...
Gifting jewelry is a big step in a relationship, and a moment she is sure to remember. You want to tread lightly because you don’t want to send the wrong message (like marriage is around the corner), but still want to show her how lucky you feel to be with her. Steer clear of rings and instead opt for a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet.

Because “Aloha” literally means "to share breath” and is the Hawaiian word for love, this makes for the perfect gift. Let her know she has captured your heart with our Aloha Heart collection.

Aloha Heart Pendant - Maui Divers Jewelry

Aloha Heart Earrings - Maui Divers Jewelry

Aloha Heart Bracelet - Maui Divers Jewelry

Our Nalu Heart represents the swelling wave of love that grows each day. Demonstrate your blossoming love with the gorgeous Nalu Heart Pendant.

Nalu Heart Pendant - Maui Divers Jewelry
If you really want to impress her or perhaps need to make up for something...

Looking to make a big impression? Here are some pieces that are sure to get you out of the doghouse and guarantee to leave her speechless.

This show-stopping Hawaiian sunrise-inspired collection is a symbol of new beginnings and the promise of possibilities. Earn those much-needed brownie points with our E Ho’āla Collection. 
E Ho’āla (Hawaiian Sunrise) Pendant, Earrings and Ring with Akoya Pearls and Diamonds
If you’ve been together forever...

Life gets super busy, and it may seem like you rarely have time for one another. Between kids, work, and the dog you can’t remember the last time you shared a special moment alone.

Gift her a design that she will cherish as a keepsake and one that represents the family legacy you’ve built together. Pause time and remind her she’s still the one with our Hawaiian Heirloom Collection.
Hawaiian Heirloom Bracelets by Maui Divers Jewelry
Hawaiian Heirloom Plumeria Collection by Maui Divers Jewelry
Hawaiian Heirloom Plumeria Scroll Pendants by Maui Divers Jewelry

PRO TIP: With a little investigation, you can find out exactly what she has her heart set on.  Spoiler –it’s set on jewelry!

Scroll her saves on Instagram. If you have access or can get access to her gram account, then you can view the images she’s saved of that ring or pendant she’s been dreaming of.

Our online shop has a section where you can add your favorites, so be sure to browse through that wish list as well! 

If you’re still feeling lost, we’ve got you covered. Shop worry-free with our exchange policy. If she happens to be unsatisfied with her gift, you have 30 days from the original purchase date to swap it for something she will love. We also offer complimentary ring sizing. So, get her that ring and then make a date out of it by bringing her in for a resizing. And please don’t be discouraged if you find yourself in either of these scenarios. They are still considered romantic because, in the end, it is the thought that counts. 



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