3 Easiest Ways to Find Her Ring Size

Hawaiian Heirloom Rings in Gold - StackedHave you ever searched far and wide for the best ways to find your girlfriend's ring size? Well, look no further. We'd done the homework and are here to bring you the 3 easiest ways to find her ring size and she won't have a clue! 


1. Ask Her Friends
This has to be the easiest way to find her ring size. All you have to do is ask her friends! Have her girlfriends lend their rings to your girlfriend for a girls night out together. (After all ladies, what's more fun than borrowing your friend's accessories anyways?) Once her friends find our which ring fits her best, just borrow the ring and get it sized. Maybe, you'll get lucky and her friends will already know the ring size.
If the first method doesn't necessarily work. You can also ask her friends to go ring shopping. Have them say that they're looking for a new ring and once they're there, have her friends sneak in and convince her to get her ring finger sized for fun.


2. Borrow Her Ring
On the off chance that she's not wearing her favorite ring, take this as an opportunity to find her ring size. If you're worried about not having enough time to take it to a local jeweler to get it sized, don't worry. Simply trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper and safely store it back before she finds out! Keep in mind that depending on which finger she wears this ring, it may not be a perfect fit for her ring finger. Make sure to let your jeweler know which finger she typically wears this particular ring.


3.  Buy the Ring
While this may not seem conventional, it's still exciting! Go ahead and buy the ring and get it sized later. Generally, the average size of women's ring fingers are a 6.6-8, so just go for it. Plus, most of our rings come in a standard size 7 and can be sized from sizes 5-9 for free, so if it doesn't fit quite right just bring it in after your proposal.



As a last resort, you can always just ask her. Either way, she'll be thrilled that an engagement is on the way. We're always happy to ship you a ring sizer too! Simply sign up to our emails, confirm your email in your inbox, and get your exclusive code for your ring sizer.
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