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Hawaiian Jewelry Collection

Blessed with the Islands’ golden sunshine and abundant gifts of nature, the people of Hawaii naturally enjoy a gentle, cheerful “Aloha Spirit” that they love to share with others. Maui Divers’ delightful, carefully crafted Hawaiian jewelry, each embodies the fun and idyllic island lifestyle, bringing that unique golden sunshine into each new day. An everlasting memory of Hawaii, forever yours.

Nature-themed jewelry always stay in style, regardless of passing trends. The unique golden inspirations by Maui Divers Jewelry are of the finest quality, and every piece comes with a Forever Guarantee. Our Hawaiian jewelry has some beautiful recurring themes:

Nothing says Hawaii quite like the delicate Plumeria flower. Maui Divers' Plumeria Hawaiian jewelry look just like the real floral specimens that have been preserved in gold, that's how detailed they are. The different varieties of gold offer these floral treasures in the various colors in which they actually exist. This collection includes all types of jewelry from rings and earrings, to pendants, necklaces and bracelets.

Honu (turtle) jewelry capture the essence of these treasured living creatures of the sea. Crafted in glittering gold, sometimes also featuring Hawaiian black coral or diamonds, each honu displays a touch of authentic Hawaiian nature. Offered in all types of jewelry including pendants, rings and earrings, the shell of each honu is intricately carved with exquisite attention to detail.

Palm Trees
Few images are so strongly associated with tropical culture as the palm tree. Maui Divers Jewelry has captured this symbol of Paradise in gold and diamonds, offering an everlasting keepsake of the Islands that will not only last a lifetime, but for generations to come.

This delightful symbol of the carefree, fun lifestyle of tropical Hawaiian Islands is made classy and elegant not only in glittering gold but also with the addition of diamonds or mother of pearl. Choose yours to make fun and leisure part of your every day life.

For the most exquisite Hawaiian jewelry, no one compares to Maui Divers Jewelry.