Mother Of Pearl Jewelry Collection

The entire inner surface of a pearl-producing mollusk is coated in the same gleaming and iridescent “nacre” as the surface of the pearls it produces, and comes in as many colors. This is Mother of Pearl. Artistically carved in glorious shapes—a shimmering heart, a gentle wave—some accented by sparkling diamonds, Maui Divers’ Mother of Pearl jewelry captures the soul of the tropical experience.

Mother of Pearl is a unique category of pearls because it is not a separate spherical object created inside the mollusk like usual pearls. Instead, it is fashioned from the organic lining or inner shell layer of the oyster. This inner coating of the pearl-producing mollusk, also called nacre, has been valued for centuries and is available in a rainbow of fascinating colors. Look at any piece of finely crafted Mother of Pearl jewelry, and it is like looking at a sparkling tropical sunrise or sunset.

The key signature of every piece of Mother of Pearl is its iridescence, each one reflecting the light in its own unique way. Thus, no two pieces look alike. Throughout history, artisans have prized Mother of Pearl as a decorative component in artwork ranging from jewelry and wardrobe buttons to tile inlays and watches.

Unlike typical pearls, Mother of Pearl can actually be cut into a variety of shapes because in its raw state, it is an organic flat or slightly curved laminate. It comes in a variety of sizes, but one of the most popular ways that jewelers use this gorgeous pearl material is to create a mosaic design using a combination of smaller pieces in a variety of colors.

Mother of Pearl can be crafted into a wide range of gorgeous collectible jewelry, including pierced earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and fashion rings. This iridescent pearl is often showcased with diamonds and other sparkling gemstones, creating a combination that is nothing short of spectacular.

Because of its name, Mother of Pearl jewelry makes the perfect gift for any mother or mother-to-be. Over the centuries, its popularity has continued to grow as its value as an heirloom is undeniable.

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