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The Story of the Naupaka Flowers

Naupaka Collection by Maui Divers Jewelry
The Naupaka flowers carry a story of love that persevered but never could be. Legend tells of a Princess who journeyed from the mountains and fell deeply in love with a humble fisherman. Seeking permission to marry, they soon learned the wise kupuna (elder) and kahuna (priest) would deny their union because he was makaʻāinana (a commoner).

Their final hope rested with the gods as they journeyed hand in hand to the mountaintop. Pleading to the heavens, rain soon fell, and lightning struck before them. Tears streamed down her face, and in that instant, the Princess knew the gods had denied their final plea.

Kneeling to the ground in defeat, she picked a flower and tore it in two. She gifted him half as a parting reminder of their love, and the legendary half-flowers of the Naupaka were born from that moment. Although they couldn't be together, legend says they reunite whenever the mountain and beach Naupaka flowers join together.

Let the Naupaka Collection remind you of a love that inspires, hope that perseveres, and connections that last forever.