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When you’re planning your trip to Hawaii, make sure to add Maui Divers Jewelry Design Center to your itinerary of must-see Hawaii attractions. You do not want to miss this tour located in Honolulu on the Island of Oahu. Millions of visitors have walked through our doors and have been dazzled by their experience at one of Hawaii’s landmark attractions, the Maui Divers Jewelry Design Center.

Maui Divers Design Center is very easy to get to and it is only ten minutes from Waikiki. If you have a car, we offer free parking on site. We have free shuttle transportation from Waikiki 365 days of the year, and you can arrange to have the free shuttle pick you up and take you back to Waikiki. Click here to book your free Waikiki Shuttle pick-up. Honolulu City busses also stop close by at the corners of Kalakaua Avenue and South King Street. There’s no excuse not to get to Maui Divers Jewelry Design Center for a free tour.

Once there, you’ll enjoy a complimentary 20-minute, expertly narrated tour as our guest. The free tour starts with a short, entertaining film in an air-conditioned theatre. After the film, a guide will lead you through our Maui Divers design facility where you will witness our talented artisans create beautiful handcrafted jewelry from start to finish.

Throughout the tour, you will learn about jewelry making, Hawaii’s official state gemstone: the Hawaiian Black Coral, and harvesting rare Pacific and South Seas Tahitian pearls. We will also share with you how we established and continue to work with the University of Hawaii to ensure the sustainability of our natural and precious ocean resources.

At the end of the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit Hawaii’s largest fine jewelry showroom and purchase your own Maui Divers jewelry and precious Hawaiian Black Coral keepsakes. We are located at 1520 Liona Street, Honolulu, 96814. Schedule your free Hawaiian attraction tour and free shuttle to the Maui Divers Jewelry Design Center today, online at

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