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Pearls: The World's Leading Sustainable Gem

Maui Divers Jewelry showcases the variety of pearl colorsPearls are a timeless gift. From classic white Akoyas to dramatic Tahitian and Freshwater pearls, they never seem to go out of style. Not only do they make perfect gifts for those celebrating birthdays in June but also for graduates, weddings, partners, and graduates. Pearls are beautiful symbols of love, pride, accomplishments, and new beginnings. Now let's dive into the creation of a pearl.


Pearls form in the soft mantle tissue or gonad of a living shelled mollusk. (Pearls As One). Cultured pearls form when a mollusk secretes nacre over an implanted shell bead or piece of tissue. The color of the interior of the shell or mother-of-pearl determines the color of the pearl, while pearl size is determined by both the size of the mollusk and the size of the shell bead.

Tahitian Black Pearls in Tahitian Oyster

Pearl Nacre

 Sustainable Harvesting:

Whether saltwater or freshwater, pearls rarely form naturally. Natural pearl beds all over the world were depleted by those hungry to find the precious gem. Pearl farming and the cultured pearl process were developed to sate appetites for pearls and offer a more sustainable means of acquiring them. Today, pearl farming "enhances the effectiveness of locally managed marine areas while creating meaningful employment and income-generating opportunities for communities (“Shuck & Thrive”)." Because mollusks are filter feeders, pearl farms help keep aquatic environments clean and “positively impact coral reef restoration” (Pearls: Nature's Sustainable Gem).

South Sea Golden Pearls in Shell that produces them

 Pearl Jewelry:

Pearls are like a fingerprint. No two are ever alike. Each is unique, so creating pearl jewelry sets is quite an undertaking. Our experts must carefully sort each pearl by size, surface quality, shape, and color. 

Tahitian Pearl Shapes and Sizes

 A close match in characteristics is required when creating a pair of earrings or pearl strands. Our pearl  experts who curate pearls have heightened visual acuity, allowing them to match two pearls closely. This process of pearl matching requires time, dedication, and attention to detail. 

Pearl Experts Color Matching Pearls

Maui Divers Jewelry proudly creates pearl jewelry from pearl farmers that sustainably harvested each and every pearl. Our customers can be proud knowing they positively impact the jewelry industry, the local communities where they're produced, and marine life. 



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