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Article: What's Your Engagement Style? Hawaiian Engagement Ring Ideas

What's Your Engagement Style? Hawaiian Engagement Ring Ideas

There is much more to an engagement ring than meets the eye. It not only tells the world that you've found your perfect mate but also represents your personal style. Jewelry is the staple in every woman's wardrobe and because you'll wear this piece every day, choosing the perfect ring is key. For those who need help figuring out your engagement ring style, we've rounded up a few of our favorites, ranging from traditional to modern, to guide you in the right direction.


Let's look at some rings that you'll be sure to love and cherish from this day forward.   

 Hawaiian Heirloom Engagement Ring Set


The traditional bride loves all things classic. She is romantic and timeless and holds her family customs close to her heart –qualities that never go out of style! If you are that girl, we recommend the Hawaiian Heirloom Collection. 

It symbolizes the spirit of remembrance and declaration of love. Elegant Maile leaves signify love, honor, and respect, while radiant diamonds celebrate eternal love yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Pair your Hawaiian Heirloom engagement ring with the matching anniversary band for a complete bridal set. 

 Hawaiian Heirloom Plumeria Engagement Rings in White & Yellow Gold


The showstopper bride is self-assured and knows how to make an entrance. Her poise and outgoing personality bring out the best in those around her. This bride undoubtedly needs a statement ring. Fit for a queen, the Hawaiian Heirloom Plumeria Ring is an island keepsake that holds tradition that can be traced back to Hawai'i's Queen Lili'uokalani. The wide band, pave diamonds, and statement plumeria is sure to capture attention. 

Hawaiian Heirloom Engagement Wedding Rings in Yellow & White Gold


The non-traditional bride is modern and adventurous. She is multi-faceted, open to changes, dares to dream big and her personal style is no different. This creative and contemporary bride may opt-out of diamonds altogether and select something less traditional such as a pearl ring. Pearls vary in color, shape, and overtone, and surface imperfections speak to their nature, making each pearl unique –just like her!

 Hawaiian Pearl Engagement Rings - Tahitian & Lilac Pearl Rings


The excellent news is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to engagement rings. So take your time to find a ring that you’ll treasure and possibly even pass down to your children or grandchildren one day. Plus, the meanings behind each design will be another fun facet as you retell your love story time and time again. Let’s find you the perfect ring that carries the warm, loving spirit of Aloha. Each time you admire your ring, you’ll be reminded of harmony, positivity, kindness, empathy, and respect.

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