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Article: How to Choose the Perfect Chain Length

How to Choose the Perfect Chain Length

What is the perfect length chain? Well, that is a tricky question. There are many factors that go into choosing a chain so here are our top tips.  Whether you’re on the hunt for a new chain, are new to chains or are curious if you have been wearing the wrong size, we are here to help!

Top 3 Tips for Discovering Your Perfect Chain Lengths

  1. Measure before you shop. Start with where you would like the chain to fall. We recommend taking a string and wearing it like a chain. Let the string fall where you would like your chain to end and measure the string to find your preferred chain length.
  2. Check your wardrobe. Depending on if you wear V-necks, button-downs or deep cuts, we recommend a longer chain (18-inches or more). If you like to wear clothes that fit closer to your neck, we recommend shorter chains (18" or less). Check out more tips below
  3. What if you like to switch up your style and wear different chain lengths regularly? Then we highly recommend adjustable chains. Adjustable chains are very handy and can easily adjust between a variety of lengths. They are fun to play around with and best of all they are versatile.

Picking Chains Based on Your Top

Crew Neckline 

Crew necklines are pretty versatile when it comes to necklaces. The necklace could either be slightly longer or shorter than the neckline. A cute short chain with a dainty pendant will look chic with this neckline while longer necklaces will give it a glam look. You can also layer a few chains ranging in length for that trendy layered style.


Wear a necklace that falls naturally in a V shape. If wearing a pendant, it shouldn’t be too big or too small so that space around your necklace and neckline are in proportion. A good guideline is that the necklace and neckline should have about an inch of space between them. Avoid anything that’s too wide or doesn’t compliment the v shape. For example, statement bib necklaces.

Boat Necklines 

This is a high neckline that's wide across the collar. Necklaces longer than the neckline complement this look beautifully. You could pair a boat neckline with a double row of pearls for a classic look or wear it with a slightly longer chain pendant for a simple look. Avoid anything shorter than this neckline especially chokers and also avoid anything that could fall down your neckline.

Off the Shoulder or Strapless

Sleeved or not, these tops look great with short necklaces like chokers or a long statement necklace. Layer different lengths for that boho look.

Collared Shirt

One way to pair a necklace with a collared shirt is by wearing the blouse buttoned to the top and with a statement necklace tucked under the collar and loose over the front of the shirt. A pearl strand will give it that Jackie O vibe. You can also wear the collar open and turn this neckline into a slight V-Neck which is perfect for layered chains and pendants.

Halter tops 

Avoid short necklaces and instead opt for a long necklace that reaches just below the shirt’s neckline.

Pro Tip:
Try lots of different combinations to see what looks good with your wardrobe and don't be afraid to layer several necklaces. Sometimes adding another necklace might just make your look perfect.

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