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Article: Top 10 Jewelry Ideas for You and Your Best Friend

Top 10 Jewelry Ideas for You and Your Best Friend

Show your bestie you have her back with matching pendants, rings, or bracelets from Maui Divers Jewelry.


Some of the world's deepest love is rooted in friendship. Through thick and thin, good and bad, she's been there, which is why her devotion is worthy of a permanent symbol. So, proudly wear identical jewelry pieces that not only show your appreciation but also that there is someone in this world who loves and accepts you for you. 


Best friend Jewelry is not just for young girls. Wearing a matching piece with your best friend, your sister, your mom, or your work wifey is a fun way to show everyone that they are your person. 


Commemorate your girls' trip to the Islands with these one-of-a-kind made-in Hawai'i pieces that, just like your friendship, will stand the test of time.


#1 Living Heirloom Aloha Necklace with Diamonds 

Shop the Living Heirloom Aloha Necklace in Gold with Diamonds

Keep the message of Aloha close to your heart just like you and your BFF.  Embody the love, honor, and respect that you have for each other with our Living Heirloom designs. Available in Yellow or White Gold.


#2 Paradise Palms Pendant 

Shop the Paradise Palms Pendant in Gold with Diamonds

Remind yourself of those perfect beach days with your soul sister, strolling through Waikīkī under rows of wispy palm trees and feeling the cool ocean breeze. With the Paradise Palms Collection, it's like you and your bestie never left the Islands. 


#3 Slipper Pendant 

Shop the Slipper Pendant in Gold with Diamonds

Known as a slippah here in Hawai’i, the slippah was likely a staple in your vacation wardrobe. You probably even traded slippers to better match an outfit because that’s what Besties do! Take a trip down memory lane with these super adorable Hawaiian slipper pendants, one for you and one for her. 
Choose from our Black Coral in Yellow or White Gold, Mother of Pearl in Yellow or Rose Gold, Black Mother of Pearl in Yellow Gold, or Diamonds in Rose Gold. 


#4 Hawaiian Heirloom Initial Pendant

Shop the Special Order Hawaiian Heirloom Initial PendantsLive far away from your Best Friend? Keep her close and declare that she’s your person by wearing each other’s initials and create “aww” worthy moments when people ask what the letter stands for with our Hawaiian Heirloom Initial Pendants. Choose from Yellow, White, or Rose Gold.


#5 Aloha Ring
Aloha Ring in Gold
Does your BFF bring out love, peace, kindness, and compassion in you, all the things that make-up Aloha? Hold on to that vibe by wearing the special message of Aloha with style. This cute modern ring is the perfect heart-warming way to show your bestie how much she means to you. Available in Yellow Gold.


#6 Plumeria Ring with Diamond


Plumeria Ring in Gold with Diamond
Whether you and your BFF made leis together or just wore them during your trip, you're sure to never forget their fragrance. Show her you'll never forget your perfect memories in Paradise with this Plumeria Collection. Choose from Yellow, White, or Rose Gold. 


#7 Nalu (Ocean Wave) Ring with Diamonds
Nalu (Ocean Wave) Ring in Gold with Diamonds
The Nalu (Ocean Wave) is for your ride or die. Affirm the power of your bond with the Nalu (Ocean Wave) ring, which embodies beauty, strength, and grace. The ocean, also known for its depth, is the perfect symbol for the one who carries your deepest secrets. Choose from Yellow, White, or Rose Gold. 


#8 Yin Yang Bracelet
Yin Yang Hawaiian Black Coral Bracelet in Gold with Diamonds
Just like a puzzle piece, you and your Bestie fit perfectly together. The Yin Yang, which represents an eternal circle swirled into equal halves, is the perfect way to show that you two are the perfect match. Celebrate the balance and harmony that you bring into each other’s lives with this Hawaiian black coral and diamond bracelet. 


#9 Aloha Heart Bracelet
Aloha Heart Bracelet in Yellow Gold
This is an upgrade to those half hearts we used to split with our BFF –one half for you and one half for her. Get nostalgic with matching Aloha Heart bracelets. When the light shines through the sparkling pattern to reveal the hidden message of Aloha, you'll feel like she's right there with you. Choose from Yellow or Rose Gold. 


#10 Honu (Sea Turtle) Bracelet 
Honu (Sea Turtle) Bracelet in Gold
The Honu (Sea Turtle) represents longevity and joyous life as they are known to live up to 150 years. Express that your friendship will live on with this adorable take on our Aloha Heart design. The sea turtle is also known as the mythical mother, protector of children, and guide to voyagers. Perfect for Mom, Grandma, or that special Auntie you just can’t live without.


 Me & My Sister

As for me, my older sister lives on the mainland and during her recent visit to O’ahu, I decided to surprise her with matching rings to commemorate our perfect time together here in Hawai’i. She wears White Gold and I wear Yellow Gold and was mindful of that as I browsed for the perfect piece.

 Shop Plumeria Rings

I chose the dainty plumeria and diamond ring to symbolize the warm welcome, admiration, and love we share for each other. She was my first friend and has been my protector throughout life. She is my true Bestie –as good as they come– and I am honored to share with her this special symbol to represent our sister bond. Whenever I see her wearing it in pictures on social media or during our FaceTime calls, I know she is close to me despite our ocean-wide distance. 

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