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Article: Top 5 Jewelry Picks for Summer Style

Top 5 Jewelry Picks for Summer Style

Love a carefree and relaxed summer style? Well, you have come to the right place. We are rounding up our top jewelry picks for the summer. Our selection of Hawaiian jewelry designs are made in Honolulu, so you are truly taking that tropical vibe with you everywhere you go. Make it feel like summer never ends with these favorite Hawaiian jewelry styles.

#1 Paradise Palms Collection
The Paradise Palms is our number one pick for the summer. The swaying design just captures those breezy palms throughout Waikiki. The hand-set diamonds and diamond-cut design sparkle in any light, making them easy for day-to-night looks. The Paradise Palms Collection is our choice for those summer pool parties.

Shop Paradise Palms Collection
#2 Yin Yang Collection in Turquoise
The Yin Yang Collection commands attention. Made with the most vibrant ocean blue turquoise, it screams summer. You will love the balance of turquoise and diamonds that dance around in the symbolic Yin Yang design. Whether you are wearing the set of earrings, the ring, or the pendant, you can be sure that the turquoise will instantly grab attention. Wear the Yin Yang Collection in Turquoise out to brunch, a picnic in the park, out shopping at the mall, or anytime you want a pop of color.

Shop Yin Yang Turquoise Collection
#3 Hawaiian Sun Collection
The Hawaiian Sun Collection brings the warm, bright and cheery touch to any summer style. With its satin finish, flared diamond-cut edges, and diamond halo center, the Hawaiian Sun Collection tells people you are ready for any summer adventure. The Hawaiian Sun Pendant is a favorite to wear when you are out camping or by the fire. The flame will dance against the diamond-cut edges of the pendant’s design.

Shop Hawaiian Sun Collection
#4 Sealife Collection
The Sealife Collection features so many different sea creatures and mythical ones too! The Sealife Mermaid Pendant, made with sustainably sourced Hawaiian black coral, is our best-selling pendant. With its diamond Haku lei and majestic design, the Sealife Mermaid Pendant is sure to be your favorite to wear even when summer ends. Do not forget to check out the two newest sizes and the matching Mermaid earrings too! Wear the Sealife Mermaid Pendant with your little black dress or if you want to add a whimsical touch to your summer look.

Shop Sealife Collection
#5 Hawaiian Moments Collection
The Hawaiian Moments Collection helps you remember all your favorite summer experiences in Hawaiʻi. Capture your experience on the Big Island with our Lava Flow design or the gorgeous blue waters with the Ocean Sand design. Each piece is reversible so you have two ways to wear it. There is an experience captured in every Hawaiian Moments Collection design so you can carry your favorite memories with you forever. With so many different designs and colors to choose from, you will love wearing a different one each time you need a little reminder of the memories you made in the Islands.
Shop Hawaiian Moments Collection
Those are our top five picks for summer style! We hope you are inspired to try something new and are ready for your next summer adventure. Let us know which designs are your favorites in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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