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Article: Natural Diamonds: Creating a Better World

Natural Diamonds: Creating a Better World

Maui Divers Jewelry is working to create a better world, which is why we only source natural and sustainable diamonds that are conflict-free. Each diamond purchase helps do good in the world. With your purchase, you support local communities by providing jobs and free education for children, funding women-owned businesses, protecting wildlife and endangered species, and providing access to healthcare for vulnerable communities.

Why purchase ethical and conflict-free diamonds?

By purchasing ethical and conflict-free diamonds, you are making an impact on the lives of millions of people from around the world. In some instances, the extraction of diamonds has adverse effects, which lead to human rights violations and negative impacts on the environment. Our diamonds come from sources that ensure the best possible conditions for workers and communities. 

Diamond Sorting in FactoryHow are our diamonds ethical and sustainable? 

A high level of transparency ensures that natural diamonds provide a sustainable future for the environment. Through sustainable management of precious natural resources, our diamond miners practice sustainability in many ways, which include:

  • Implementing water and energy efficiency strategies.
  • Sound waste management.
  • Preserving local land's biodiversity.
  • Ensuring that communities have sustained access to local resources.

They also put people at the heart of their operations by investing in residents' livelihoods through economic and structural development, creating value for future generations, and a path to social and financial inclusion for women. 

Mahina Moon Mermaid Pendant in Gold with DiamondsWho benefits?

Your diamond jewelry purchase from Maui Divers Jewelry helps benefit communities, women, children, the environment, and wildlife. Below is a list of what your diamond purchase helps provide:

  • High quality and safe jobs and economic growth 
  • Healthcare for vulnerable communities
  • Education for children in rural communities
  • Infrastructure
  • Funding for women-owned businesses across Africa
  • Protection for endangered animals, nature reserves, conversation sites

Appreciate our Hawaiian diamond jewelry and know your purchase helps make a difference in the world. Anytime you make a diamond purchase from Maui Divers Jewelry, you are creating change for good. 




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