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Article: A Celebration of Love: Aloha

A Celebration of Love: Aloha

Couple holding hands wearing the Nalu Heart Gold Ring and Hawaiian Heirloom Bracelet and Hibiscus BraceletNearly everyone knows that Aloha means hello and goodbye, but it also has a deeper meaning and sentiment, such as love, compassion, and gratitude. Love can take many forms, and they are all worth recognizing. Valentine's Day is a celebration of love in general, and you don't need a romantic partner to have a love-filled holiday.

So go ahead and make it a self-love day. Take that time to show love and appreciation for yourself. You deserve it! Hang out with friends, your favorite family member, or honor yourself with an extra special self-care day and gift yourself that showpiece you've been eyeing. 

For all you sweethearts, this is the day when you loudly and proudly declare your love. 

Classic Valentine's Day gifts include heart-shaped chocolate boxes, extravagant floral bouquets, and our personal favorite, jewelry. And while you can conveniently pick up some of these gifts from a roadside stand before getting home (please don't), jewelry shopping requires a little more time and effort. If you happen to find yourself in a time crunch crisis, good news, you can still pull this off, and we are here to help. 

Boss ladies have taken this day as an opportunity to celebrate their female friendships with a Galentine's Day celebration. Because empowering each other by promoting self-love is the best way to show your girls some love, am I right? 


Here are some Valentine's Day gift ideas for her, for him, your bestie, or for yourself

Nothing says Valentine's Day like hearts! That is why our exclusive collection of Heart designs makes the ideal gift. Our Aloha heart carries the Hawaiian word for love, and while reminiscent of a locket intended to keep private, this content is meant to be shared with the world. When the light is just right, the message of Aloha unveils through its distinct pattern.  

The Aloha Heart Shadow Revealed on Model


The Nalu Heart Collection in Gold with DiamondsYou've heard of a message in a bottle, but how about a message in a pendant? The Nalu Heart (Nalu meaning ocean wave in Hawaiian) represents your love story as two waves become one heart. A reminder that your love continues to grow each day and forevermore. 


Hawaiian Jewelry Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Give your gift a special touch by personalizing it with a favorite sea life creature, Hawaiian moment, foliage, or bloom. The following few questions may give you some hints if you are unsure. Does she feel at peace with a specific ocean animal? Is she a plant mom? Perhaps she is a beach lover?  In any case, a great place to start is with our tried and true best sellers (we even have customer reviews to back them up). 


For the pearl enthusiast in your life, create a more custom design with the help of our pearl experts by selecting the perfect pearl(s) yourself. And for that individual flair, you'll love the made-to-order initial pendants


For more bestie gift ideas, check out

Live with Aloha, live with love. 

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