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Circle Tahitian Black Pearl Earrings in Gold - 12-15mm

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SKU: 006-15708
Sale price$495.00 USD

The Circle Pearl's dazzling colors, distinctive shapes, and captivating luster set it apart from all others. As it forms in the warm waters of Tahiti, the Circle Pearl turns inside the shell, developing dramatic rings and rainbows of peacock colors. Let the soothing touch and vibrant colors of the Circle Pearl be your gateway to the shores of Hawaiʻi.

  • Dangle Earrings
  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • 12-15mm Circle Tahitian Black Pearls
  • Exclusively Made in Hawaiʻi
  • Forever Guarantee (Warranty on the life of the piece)
  • Free Shipping on USA Orders $100 or more
  • Due to their nature, no two pearls are alike. Pearls will vary in color, shape and overtone. Dimples, birthmarks, surface imperfections may be present and speak to their nature making each pearl unique.